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Customer Service

The relationships developed with our customers are a class apart. ASKR Jewelry customizes jewelry designs to suit the taste of each of our clients.

Let Us Design the Perfect Piece
We invite you to choose from a range of jewelry collections created by our talented and experienced in-house jewelry designers.

Or Just Tell Us of Your Inspiration
We welcome your concepts and suggestions via sketches, samples and images for which we can perform Computer Aided Designing and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), thereby customizing the designs. ASKR Jewelry offers free in-depth advice on your designs. We guarantee delivery of the requested piece, perfectly crafted.

Sourcing Stones for You
ASKR Jewelry will source natural colored stones if requested by customer.

Materials Accepted
We have flexibility of material supply. We accept raw materials (gold, platinum, palladium, diamonds, colored stones, findings) supplied by customers, if the customer wishes to provide their own materials to create the jewelry. If otherwise, ASKR Jewelry will source raw materials for customers.

Specialized for Platinum
In Sri Lanka we may be the only producer of platinum jewelry.
Microscope Setting & Finishing
We make certain that the customer’s technical needs are met. Most jewelers work with a loop of 10x magnification, while at ASKR Jewelry we use 30 – 40x microscopic magnification for working as well as for Quality Control (QC). We accept and adapt to customers’ specific quality standards.

Tightly controlled specifications in our manufacturing process ensure high quality pieces of jewelry. Our creations are made according to the detailed requirements of the customer and are of superior value.

Free Designing & Modeling
ASKR Jewelry's free design and model development service is for our valued clients placing considerable large manufacturing orders.

Hand Made Designs
We undertake orders for handmade jewelry on request by our customers.

Security for Customers Stock
We are situated in an Industrial Zone located approximately 45 minutes drive south of Colombo. Security in the region is very good with no known industrial theft recorded in the past 10 years. ASKR Jewelry has installed a 24 hour monitoring security camera system within the factory as an additional precaution. We also have a comprehensive ERP computer system operational within the company which also takes care of stock handling among other matters, whilst experienced administrative staff constantly control movement of materials.
The Delivery Promise
Product delivery time depends on the size of the order placed. Generally, we deliver orders within 3-4 weeks.

Competitive Prices, Tax Free and Savings
Importing jewelry from Sri Lanka is totally tax free for our customers in USA due to GSP (Generalized System of Preferences), which will be a 5.5% saving compared to other manufacturing countries which has to bear this cost.

In addition, when required by our customers we will supply price breakdowns for the invoices that we raised for the orders. The handling of import and export procedures is also very much easier here, as the freight forwarders for valuables like Malka Amite and Brinks work with us seamlessly.
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