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We specialize in platinum and white gold jewelry set with diamonds and precious stones. Our immaculate jewelry designs guarantee high quality craftsmanship and cost competitiveness. All our diamonds are procured through our sister company Diamond Cutters Ltd, in which all the diamonds (including rough) are procured only through reputable site holders. Thereby we guarantee the authenticity & conflict-free status of the diamonds used in our jewelry products and shorter lead times in sourcing diamonds. Further as a company policy we have established strict control inside the factory that does not allow bringing any zircons, even for training purpose.

Our precious metals undergo frequent checking of alloy composition - Frequent Assaying, for Caratage of the metal with the Assay Office, ensuring genuine products and honest service to our customers. ASKR Jewelry sources colored stones directly from the mines. Our strong relationships with the mines ensure that only perfect and flawless stones are sourced for our jewelry. We can obtain a certificate from the National Gem & Jewellery Authority Sri Lanka, for authenticity, upon customer request.

Our sister company - Diamond Cutters Ltd, issues International Certificates for Diamonds of more than 0.5 Carats. While for 10 pointers to 50 pointers – Diamond Cutters will issue its own certificate for authenticity.
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