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  Diamond Cutters Ltd celebrated its 20th Anniversary on 14th December 2007.

  Upcoming Collections

1. Tri-stone Collection
Our Tri-stone collection brings together the significance of the journey of life; past, present and the future. Perfectly (microscopically) matched and aligned stones bring lustre and vibrancy through unity.

CD (Colored Diamonds ) Fashion Bands
The bursts of color and the lustrous hues of the diamonds in our wedding band collection make these jewelry pieces unique and original.


3D Flowers
Inspired by natural flowers, this collection is excellent in design and value for money. The finest gemstones are studded with creatively crafted designs fashioning 3 dimensional marvels. This collection ensures a high demand from our customers.


Green Collection
Alluring shades of nature blend with organic shapes. An exclusive and novel jewelry collection for those with distinctive tastes.

5. Modern Styles
Contemporary designs, sophisticated yet artistic. Alankara has designs to suit the palette of the varying target customer. When it comes to modern styles, our designs mean business.
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