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Model Making
Computer Aided Manufacturing
After the approval process, the computer generated 3D design is converted to a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Model in a form of resin. This is performed via the use of the most advanced CAM machine developed - The Viper.

The Viper is a Rapid Prototyping (RP) system that grows a laser-cured resin model through the process of stereo lithography called printing. It is a very precise and accurate process and produces a smooth, detailed surface.
Rubber Moulding
Using the RP resin produced, a mould will be prepared in zero shrinkage liquid rubber. This in turn serves the production of similar items. If required by the customer, a silver master (Master Model) is produced from this initial rubber and a second rubber is cut using silicon rubber to ensure the quality of rubber cutting as well as good aging properties. Master models are checked for high quality prior to rubber cutting and highly skilled labour is used for this purpose.
Watch the Model Making Video
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