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Design at ASKR Jewelry is carried out by a team of designers led by a highly recognized designer who has won national level professional design awards. The experience gained by working with and consulting world renowned designers like Kazuo Ogawa and Stephen Webster definitely enhanced our designing capability.
In addition to our service of customized hand design, we provide Computerized Aided Designing (CAD) performed by a team of specialists under the guidance of a team leader trained in Japan in CAD Technology.

One of ASKR Jewelry’s core capabilities is CAD designing. We use
• Rhinoceros
• Flamingo
• Tech Gems
• Matrix

as the main software for our CAD designs.
ASKR Jewelry’s CAD designers initiate designs using the 3D CAD software system, Rhinoceros (Rhino), based on a hand-drawn sketch, sample or an image.

Upon approval of the CAD design by the in-house expert team in jewelry technology (Production Manager, Customer Care Manager, Chief Model Maker and the Chief Quality Controller), the design is sent for customer approval as a Rhino 3D file or as photorealistic rendered images produced by Flamingo software.

We carefully inspect all jewelry at this point to ensure both ASKR Jewelry and International Quality Standards are met, to guarantee quality assurance.
Watch the Hand Designing Video Watch the CAD Designing Video
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