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ASKR Jewelry Factory Manager’s Comments
As Factory Manager, my prime concern is quality control of ASKR Jewelry products. We use the latest Japanese, and Israeli technology to maintain the highest standards at every level of production, ensuring customer satisfaction at every end destination in the USA, Japan and Israel.

Our microscopes enable our craftsmen to work at a very high magnification of 40X. This allows them to prepare fine, invisible diamond settings as well as micro pave. It also helps to accord the same quality setting of very small stones like 0,6mm diamonds.

I have a well-disciplined, hard working and very committed team of staff ready to meet any challenge for delivery. This, as well as the personnel attention that I give to the quality of each and every finished item, is what I believe underpins the success of our fine products.

The name ASKR Jewelry is synonymous with commitment to deliver the best quality jewelry in the world.
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