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What guarantees authenticity of ASKR Jewelry diamonds?
We source our diamonds from our sister company, Diamond Cutters Ltd, Southeast Asia’s largest diamond cutting and Sri Lanka’s only ‘precision cutting’ firm, who issues International Certificate for Diamonds.

Do you make custom-designed jewelry?
Yes we do. Simply hand in your hand designed image, CAD image, picture or photo, we will manufacture it for you.

Do you help decide on design and guide us through?
Yes we do. Our experts collaborate with you to design what’s in your mind and give you advice.

Does ASKR Jewelry accept material for jewelry?
Yes we do. Metals and stones are accepted.

Where do you source your sapphires?
We source our own sapphires directly from the sapphire mines in Sri Lanka.

Are there any price benefits from ASKR Jewelry compared to other countries?
Yes. We provide custom designing on request, with cost efficient, high quality products; give a 5.5% import tax exemption for customers from USA; provide items in varied weights on request and adequate security for customer supplied material.

What CAD software do you use?
Rhinoceros and Flamingo, TechGems, Matrix

What settings do you specialize in?
Prong, Pave, Micro Pave, Channel, Bezel Setting and Invisible Setting.

What is ‘Invisible Setting’?
This setting has no spaces or prongs between the stones, giving the allusion of one single and large diamond with comparatively less weight than a single stone of same size.

Does ASKR Jewelry provide adequate security for customer supplied material?
Yes we do. We are situated in an Industrial Zone located approximately 45 minutes drive to the south of Colombo. Security in the region is very good with no known industrial theft recorded in the past 10 years. Within the factory we have a 24-hour monitoring security camera system installed as additional precaution. We also have a comprehensive ERP computer system operating in the company which also takes care of stock handling among the other matters and an experienced administrative staff constantly involved in material movement control.

At the initial stage of a business relationship, can we start with samples before working with bulk quantities?
Yes. Upon approval of samples, you may order in bulk quantities with us.

What guarantees the authenticity of the metal grade in ASKR Jewelry’s products?
The metals (both Gold & platinum) used in our jewelry undergo frequent checking of alloy composition - Frequent Assaying, for Caratage of the metal with the Assay Office, ensuring genuine products and honest service to our customers. Also we use precision electronic scales for measurements and those also undergo frequent calibration process
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