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1. Ictus - Blue Sapphire Collection
A fusion of blue shades, the Blue Sapphire Collection offers sapphires direct from the prestigious ‘Ceylon Sapphire’ mines. Our stunning Blue Sapphire Jewelry Collection ensures that you find the perfect piece at ASKR Jewelry.

2. Feelings - Yellow Collection
A harmonious blend of yellow diamonds of low weight and varied shapes and sizes. The Yellow Collection jewelry range is of the highest quality at the best possible prices.

3. Wire Collection
The New Age Wired Jewelry Collection. Threads of wire hold a colored stone complemented by smaller side diamonds. What’s so special? It’s the lower metal weight, at a lower price.
This is an extremely creative collection.

4. Web Collection
Intricately designed with detail, like a spider’s web, this intriguing jewelry collection speaks of ASKR Jewelry’s skilled craftsmanship.

5. Tri Stone
A stone to reminisce the past, a stone to savor the present and a stone to dream of the future with. Our Tri-Stone Jewelry Collection brings together the significance of the journey of life. Perfectly (microscopically) matched and aligned stones bring lustre and vibrancy through unity.

6. Mix (dancer, butterfly, dragon fly, parrot)
An exotic mix of art and the sheer brilliance of diamonds and sapphires. A jewelry collection with choices to suit varied tastes.

7. One–of-a-kind items
One-of-a-kind, radiating pure uniqueness, reflecting each customer's style; commissioned jewelry designs at their best, by ASKR Jewelry.
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